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Back To Work Blues?

It's time to motivate with Motive, at your back to work event!

Remember those team meetings and online seminars?… The lack of feeling part of your work tribe? The loneliness and isolation that we all experienced in Auckland last year?

Well, now is your chance to get out there and participate together again as a team again so welcome 2022 in style, and plan a "Back to Work Event!"

It’s time to scrub away those holiday cobwebs and get back into work mode and get your team collaborating again. Make sure the start of this year is a memorable one with some collaborative team back to work events to get those synaptic pathways firing.

The start of the year is about new beginnings and revisiting goals you set before you left for that summer break. Dust off those 2021 – 2022 goals you made, get the sales mood board out again and refocus for the year ahead.

Motive wants you to have a big bang start to the year! With fingers crossed... That we have no more lockdowns; we have added 5 Top Ideas for your teams to get together.

NUMBER 1 - Beach Games Bonanza (Beach Olympics)

The sun is shining, its blue skies across Aoteroa. Going back indoors is no fun, so gather the team and head to the beach. Those packed beaches are now semi-deserted so ideal for a corporate fun day with games and team-building exercises that all attending will appreciate..

Add some food trucks, an ice cream van and a few chilly bins of your favourite drinks. Perfect start to the year and away to ease people back into the flow of the Work atmosphere.

(NB- If the beach is too hard to get to how about the car park roof!)


Want to make some waves on your welcome back and need something that is a bit energetic… You may have forgotten about the wonderful White Water Rapids at Wero Park. Great for a large group and fun to be had with challenges, teamwork, and the chance to see those blue skies. Combine this with your key messages in their projection room and you have a wild start to the new year!


Don’t forget that all-important Corporate Social Responsibility program, now is the perfect time to get a project started for the year. This gift of giving is sometimes one of the most impactful ways to kickstart a yea. Get out there and help a mission, clean a beach, or give back in your own way. We have lots of ideas and projects to help you at Motive.


Let everyone experience something new?. With amazing classes run throughout Auckland and some really great cheap classes to engage minds that have now been relaxing over the holiday period.. maybe you always wanted to try pottery, Learn how to be an acrobat? learn to take a perfect picture on a fancy new camera, how to maximise your eco-friendly house by starting a compost, what about doing a watercolour painting class?.

This gift of learning is a powerful tool and helps groups interact back at the office. Combine with a show and tell in the afternoon over some drinks and I’m sure you will have everyone intrigued by what everyone else did.. Start them with a new passion and let your employees payback that passion at work


Hire a boat and do your back to work with some sailing. With lots of sizes to choose from in the harbour to accommodate most groups, or a trip out to the islands, this is a fantastic way to get a message across in a tranquil setting. (Just so you know Peretu has monitors on the lower deck, so you can get all those back to work presentations done at the same time)

For more ideas feel free to give the Motive team a call and connect about doing something novel to kick start your year.

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