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Know Your Event "Why"

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

For what reason, cause or purpose.

When planning all events, this is the paramount question we always ask.


Our foundation at Motive is based on the Why. What Motivates our client to hold this event? What is their intention? Why?

Digging deeper into the core of why you wish to hold your event, and what you aim to achieve, supports our ability to create considered experiences, to motivate and inspire your teams, clients, networks and friends.

Why – is the essence of our event planning philosophy. Carefully coordinating an itinerary to match your people, your passions and your purpose is why Motive are here.

When embarking on your event planning process, ask yourself:

  • Why are you hosting this year’s event?

  • Why is this event important to you and your company?

  • Why is this event beneficial for your attendees?

Can you give an accurate answer to all these questions for your next event? Your reasons “why” should be considered and examined before beginning your planning and booking process. Consider your reasons why at every point to assist you in making the right choices to reflect your Motive!

At Motive, we always consider the bigger picture, this being - your target goals.

There is a requirement to connect and engage with your people, why? And what would you like the outcome to be? How does this tie back into your company strategy, your mission, your needs, values, goals?

We have found that many companies seldom recognise the broader purpose of holding events and the greater benefits that can be achieved. Whether you are looking to establish or evolve your customer, staff or supplier relationships there are many opportunities with every event where we can assist you in establishing a strategy around engagement, and outcomes to gain greater purpose.

Motive has the expertise and experience to help develop your “why” which will give your event greater direction, grow revenue and ensure positive memories in the minds of your attendees.

Why am I here?

In recent times many of us have spent hours, days, weeks and months talking through a screen, meeting in a way that was not necessarily the “norm” until it became so normalised.

Meeting face to face with our customers and connecting with our teams seemed a distant memory. Oh, how much did we miss the human connection!

However, on reflection, how many times have we all sat in a conference room, talking in circles with little or no outcome?

Your stomach starts rumbling, you can smell the coffee brewing, you have lost focus and in turn, lost interest.

Having a clear understanding and vision of why you want and need to hold your next event, then planning your program around this will cement your purpose.

Let's look at an easy example... Why are you hosting this year’s event?

  • We need to connect with our people, especially our sales team who are vital members of our business and are lacking motivation after a really difficult year.

Why is this event important to you and the company?

  • We value our sales team, they have a huge amount of knowledge and have remained loyal to our company. We want to reinvigorate their energy whilst rewarding them for the work they have done this past year.

Why is it important to your event attendees?

  • To feel valued and recognised as pillars within our business. To establish purpose which will encourage motivation to succeed, through training, engagement and incentives.

Establishing the basic foundations and then building a clear strategy to align with your vision will assist you in developing, and delivering a program of substance to ensure success.

“Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.”

We all place a high value on our time, we must also place the same value on others time. As humans, we add value by attaching emotion to moments, places and people. Creating events that allow your attendees to connect, engage, thrive and succeed will, long after it’s over, remind you why you did.

In our next paper, we will encourage you to start thinking from your attendee’s perspective.

Who are your intended attendees for your next event and why will they wish to attend?

How will you inform and communicate with your attendees to gain maximum engagement?

Stay tuned for more from Motive around capturing your people and providing the right content.

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