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Our Early Christmas Gift To You!

I'm sure you might have seen those Christmas decorations creep into the Supermarkets, which means it's also time to start booking those end of year client parties and internal staff parties.

Motive Events wants to give you a helping hand with some inspirational ideas to help elevate that end of year experience and provide support to those struggling to find time to manage an event.

Our event concepts are thoughts and ideas that have some great locations, fun for a team based in the Auckland area.

Unwrap The Stress!

With each of these Motive offerings, we deliver experienced event staff and services to support the package.

  • Venue management

  • Transportation organisation

  • Tailored budget

  • Food and beverage support

  • Health and safety

  • Tailored entertainment

  • Event communication products -e.g EDM's to staff, an invite to attend

  • Printed collateral - Menu design, free of charge

If organising larger groups, we can also support you with:

  • Registration platforms (if required, with additional charges)

  • Flight bookings (if required, with additional charges)

Motive Charges
  1. Motive will charge a management fee of $40 per person to manage all of the above. This per-person cost is additional to the package prices.

  2. To have Motive staff onsite is an additional $500 per day.

If you are confident to book larger group numbers, we can provide more assistance around tailored, creative concepts and costs for your event.

*T&C's at the bottom of this blog.

Tinsel Town

Switch on your team's twinkle this Christmas. Give the gift of a festive memory by way of a fun activity, then celebrate with some cheer at a secluded spot for the team.

Our concept for "Tinsel Town" is for those companies not wanting to travel too far from the city limits, that want an afternoon activity (or activities) and early evening location nightcap. There are some old, and some new, activities and venues that we think would be the perfect finish to the year.

We recommend - Afternoon/early evening. Allow 6 hours for the event

With each element, you can add as much or as little as you need.

A base to start is choosing an activity:

  • Axe throwing

  • Weta Workshop

  • Americas cup racing

  • Paint and Wine

  • Foodies walking tour - make your own Christmas sweet treats and food.

Then pick a venue:
  • Everybody's


  • Cargo Westhaven

  • La Zeppa

  • The Oakroom

*T&C's at the bottom of this blog.

Water into Wine

Take your personalised water sleigh across the waves to Waiheke, and celebrate at one of its many wineries for lunch or dinner. Bringing your turtle doves back home to Auckland will be a five-gold-rings experience with entertainment and festivities onboard.

Our package is an Aucklanders "go-to" over Christmas, heading out to the Waiheke bay and sampling some of the amazing vintages the island has to offer.

We recommend - Early afternoon to late evening

To make this a more jazzy affair than just your normal ferry ride over, we have taken the voyage a step further. Hiring the Pereutu boat gives you a personalised space that is exclusive to your group, giving you more to tailor entertainment and food for the group. (N.B as the boat has onboard screens, it will be a great place to do awards or give end of year updates to staff)

  • Pereutu private hire for 100pax groups - One-way or return

  • Waiheke Ferry for smaller groups

Island Activity
  • Wild on Waiheke

Christmas Dinner

Dinner will be a 3 course set menu with a drinks allowance

  • The Batch

  • Stoneridge

Be quick on this one, as it's going to be a mosh pit of bookings when we get to level 2!

*T&C's at the bottom of this blog


Is your office end-of-year event lacking frankincense and myrrh, leaving your team feeling a bit frosty? Let the Motive team deck your halls with holly, and bring a Christmas carol to the office with entertainment, laughter and food.

We recommend - Lunch/afternoon celebrations.

Having an end-of-year shindig at work? Well, let us transform your workspace into something more than a picnic table and BYO plate. Create a surprise for the team by decking out your space with a bar, food and entertainment to really elevate your office space.

Food options:

  • Fully loaded Christmas Buffet

  • Festive Finger food

Comes with:

  • Cocktail bar supplied by Black Pineapple serving alcoholic and/or non-acholic beverages

Take this internal event a step further and create a themed event (concepts available for an additional cost)

  • "Bad Christmas" - All the worst aspects of Christmas and terrible clichés that you might have been subject to as a kid! Think bad Christmas sweaters for all.

  • "Movies of Christmas" - Dress up as your favourite film character and have us theme it up at your office - The Nightmare before Christmas, Home Alone, Die Hard or Love Actually!

  • Kids Christmas - Relive those childhood memories and have your own Santa grotto on-site. And yes, we can organise your own Santa so you can let him know what to bring you on Christmas day!

There is so much more you can do with this office package due to the cost savings from transportation and venue hire, so let's get talking!

*T&C's at the bottom of this blog

Tiding on the Terrace

This privatised open-air space overlooks the Auckland harbour, decked out with true NZ Christmas spirit for those wanting a personal feast for the team. This stocking-filler event is a sure way to have your team rejoice with some sun and fun.

A hidden gem of event space, that most will not know exists. Situated at the bow end of Hilton Hotel, offering panoramic views across the Waitemata. This event space is now open for those end of year celebrations and is one of our Motive favourites! Deck this space out with entertainment and furniture to give your team a penthouse end-of-year vibe!

We recommend - Late afternoon with sunset celebrations.


  • Canapes and grazing tables (with a difference)

  • Full beverage package for 4 hours

  • Entertainment onsite

  • Summer style furniture

This package can also be combined with activities.

*T&C's at the bottom of this blog


  • Pricing advertised includes:

  • Venue hire - food options are based on venue offerings and cover 50pax and 100pax events

  • Beverage charges per venue are either packaged pricing (wine, beers, soft drinks) or have an on consumption cost added

  • Basic Christmas theming

  • Solo performer and basic A/V for performance and speeches

  • Motive management charges (per person) are not included in the package price. Onsite staff is additional to package pricing, if required.

  • There are no held bookings with venues. We recommend providing multiple booking dates for us to look at for you. Some venues will be shared spaces and may require passport vaccination certificates to enter.

  • Customised styling and venue customisation for each event option will be an additional cost to package price, such as additional themes, whiteware, additional waitstaff, security, entertainment and/or alternative food and beverage outside the standard package.

  • We recommend discussing the above products with Motive first so we can understand the outcomes and people attending the event. This way, we can deliver the best event package to you.

  • Additional Audio/Visual may be required to support your event, for speeches and optional entertainment.


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